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I cant draw animals to save my life :I


fancy Ib and Garry for puripon happy birthday get better soon ilu forever ;u;/


[ We finished LiEat 1, 2, and 3! It was an awesome game and I’m glad you guys watched it. We sob and laugh, and fail. I’m sad that it ended but oh well, it was fun while it last. Anyway, here ya go! Efi in her beautiful form as requested. Thank you again for joining the stream ]


okay so basically here’s why weiss-guertena is a piece of shit:

he and guertena-art-museum aka aimee used to be friends and when confronted about possibly having pedophilic/incestual photos on his computer (which i assume were fanart) he lied and said no. later, aimee found out he had lied to her, and she quietly broke off their friendship because those things triggered her and she wasn’t comfortable associating herself with him. simple enough right

obviously not because he began sending her and posting pornography, which made aimee very uncomfortable OF COURSE

she blocked him but he continued to harass her, accusing her of pedophilia and art theft. he released information about where aimee lived and threatened to hack her

and he had the audacity to continue and talk shit about her after all this, with little to no repercussions 


Anonymous: i'm really sorry to ask you this because i know you wanted to take a break from your fucknobadends blog but the user weiss-guertena from the ib fandom is purposely sending another user child porn and could you please reblog some of the call-out posts to that blog so it gets spread more??


Oh god, is that piece of shit still a thing? I haven’t been in the Ib tag as of late, I thought that one post that called them out for all their awful shit would finally get them banned. Good to see Tumblr staff is still fucking awful as hell at handling harassers/pedos.

I can certain reblog some call-outs for them. I’m frankly appalled they’re still a thing, I’ve always had a rather disdained opinion on them ever since they flooded the tag with out-and-out child porn and clearly showed they didn’t give a damn about the gross stuff about it. And the fact they constantly defend pedo shit like hooooly.

I’ll reblog a few posts, I’ll have them tagged as “Fandom Drama” for people who wish to avoid it. But it’s pretty important to call out the really nasty parts of the fandom and not just ignore it, at least that’s what I think. Especially when the nastiness is still continuing to this day, like holy hell this has been going on for months now.

Hey guys, gonna be breaking the hiatus for a second to alert ya guys of a still present, really fucking shitty user. I reblogged a post a while back that basically was a big warning thing about them, but sadly it looks like they’re still around and being gross as ever.

To anyone who frequents the Ib (Game) tag, make sure to avoid reblogging stuff posted by Weiss-Guertena. They’re notorious for their pedophilia/defending pedophilia, and for harassing another user nearly to the point of leaving the site. I’m gonna reblog a few things calling them out, but I’ll tag them all as “Fandom Drama” for blacklisting.

Don’t try to interact with him though, as he’s shown to be completely apathetic to all this and prefers to paint himself the victim. Just report him for harassment and leave him be. While staff have shown they really don’t give a damn about this stuff, maybe enough reports will finally get his ass banned.

I’m usually not one to hold much sour feelings for people, but when someone unashamedly posts child porn/expresses joy for it, and when someone harasses someone so damn much, I can’t help but have negative feelings.

Kaibutsu’s Indefinite Hiatus

welp, i thought that after a few days i’d be in a good enough state to go around asking for permissions and still posting. but i feel like i’m only getting worse, so i guess this is sort of inevitable

i’m having to step away from the blog for a while. simply put, my mental health has gone down drastically ever since sunday. while today is certainly the best i’ve felt since then, i’m still pretty much a mess. it’s like saying third degree burns are better than being killed in a fire, neither of those scenarios are good.

my anxiety and depression has worsened to horrifying degrees, degrees to where my thoughts are getting scary and i often spend hours just pacing back and forth between rooms, trying to distract myself at least in some way. i can’t focus on anything for extended periods of times, i can’t hardly take care of myself. hell, as of recently i haven’t even been able to eat anything other than soup, as i literally gag to the point of vomiting when swallowing anything solid

i’m also still unsure at this time if i’ll still have internet, since i’m gonna be without some money for a bit due to attorney fees to get this shit straightened out hopefully. and appeals like this can take months, if not years. right now i still have internet, i just barely have been using it except when i pass by my computer during my pacing bits. but if i have to lose internet, that’ll be yet another reason i’ll be hiatus. because i literally can’t access the blog. i really hope this doesn’t come to be, since internet is also my biggest coping mechanism for shit like this, but if it has to go it has to go

as of right now though, my hiatus is because my mental health is utterly shit right now. i barely have any energy, i barely have any calm. and i have no idea when my mental state will improve; could be a few days, could be a few weeks. hell, may even be a few months, this shit really has gotten to me bad

if my hiatus has to continue due to no internet, i will make a post saying so as well. hopefully though this won’t be an issue, i really really hope it’s not.

i just hope everything calms back down soon. most of the nasty bits of the appeal has been taken care of, i’ve made sure i still receive benefits while this happens and i’ve confirmed that my therapist’s letter of reconsideration went through and my therapy/medications won’t be effected by this. but this is still probably the least pleasant thing someone of my mental strength can deal with, when the world feels like it’s just caving in on you.

i’m sorry for the sob story guys. hopefully i’ll have strength again soon to be able to post again, but right now that strength is non-existent. until then, it’s been fun interacting with you guys

There’s this new social site called turtleseed and it’s in beta so it’s invite only and I wanted to offer to invite anyone who is interested in joining! I made a “clan” for RPGmaker games (a clan is like a private chat group but anyone is allowed to join it) and to get to it you go to https://www.turtleseed.com/ts/rpgmaker (you have to join the site to see it though)

The site is like a mix between twitter and tumblr and if you google it you can find out more because I’m not really good at explaining, but you make posts and talk to people pretty much.

To join just send me your email in my ask box and I’ll invite you! The email should appear in your inbox within a few minutes. Anyone is welcome to send me their email, I will invite them within a day (I check Tumblr at least once a day)

Since I made a group for RPGmaker I wanted to send this message to the big RPGmaker related blogs so that other fans can join the site and then join the clan! I apologize if this message is annoying and I understand if you choose not to publish it.

Well, just got submitted this (Or it’s been there for a while, I dunno I just got power back after an outage.) Seems like a pretty neat thing to help showcase, dunno anything about Turtleseed but it seems to not be a bad site. And we do have a lot of followers, so perhaps this would interest some.

I probably won’t join, simply cause I’m bad at groups and right now I really do not have the mental health for stuff like this. But here’s to anyone who may be!


※Permission to upload this was given by the artist
祝・日本語版! | べにしろ

※Permission to upload this was given by the artist


Mermaid Rin.

sigh. i know this is basically an annoyance by now how often i make posts like this, but this time it’s so damn serious it’s gotten me so upset, and if this isn’t improved i literally will lose my internet. no maybes, definites.

so i was on ssi due to my mental disorders. i have depression and anxiety so intense it both causes physical reactions in me that would otherwise be caused my ailments, and i can hardly leave my house. i had applied for it again since it was time to renew it or whatever.

but i was denied. so now i gotta try and get an appeal, and hope this time they’ll actually accept what i have as being debilitating. if i don’t, then i’ll be out 600 bucks, which i use absolutely all of on bills and food. if i don’t then if we get paid still during the appeal, we’d have to pay it all back. and i literally cannot do that, this is why it’s got me stressed so badly

so i may very well be gone for who knows how long. if best comes of this, i won’t and i can still post. but right now it’s very uncertain, and seems very unlikely.

I’d post again in who knows how long about the result of the appeal, and whether or not i can keep posting. but for now i’m just extremely stressed and upset.

I’m sorry for being such an unstable admin.


it matches

this is such a silly little thing but IT MATCHES

now it doesn’t and that makes me sad

it matches

this is such a silly little thing but IT MATCHES

mix | 吲袋

※Permission to upload this was given by the artist
マサダ先生 | sachiyo

※Permission to upload this was given by the artist