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Kaibutsu’s Indefinite Hiatus

welp, i thought that after a few days i’d be in a good enough state to go around asking for permissions and still posting. but i feel like i’m only getting worse, so i guess this is sort of inevitable

i’m having to step away from the blog for a while. simply put, my mental health has gone down drastically ever since sunday. while today is certainly the best i’ve felt since then, i’m still pretty much a mess. it’s like saying third degree burns are better than being killed in a fire, neither of those scenarios are good.

my anxiety and depression has worsened to horrifying degrees, degrees to where my thoughts are getting scary and i often spend hours just pacing back and forth between rooms, trying to distract myself at least in some way. i can’t focus on anything for extended periods of times, i can’t hardly take care of myself. hell, as of recently i haven’t even been able to eat anything other than soup, as i literally gag to the point of vomiting when swallowing anything solid

i’m also still unsure at this time if i’ll still have internet, since i’m gonna be without some money for a bit due to attorney fees to get this shit straightened out hopefully. and appeals like this can take months, if not years. right now i still have internet, i just barely have been using it except when i pass by my computer during my pacing bits. but if i have to lose internet, that’ll be yet another reason i’ll be hiatus. because i literally can’t access the blog. i really hope this doesn’t come to be, since internet is also my biggest coping mechanism for shit like this, but if it has to go it has to go

as of right now though, my hiatus is because my mental health is utterly shit right now. i barely have any energy, i barely have any calm. and i have no idea when my mental state will improve; could be a few days, could be a few weeks. hell, may even be a few months, this shit really has gotten to me bad

if my hiatus has to continue due to no internet, i will make a post saying so as well. hopefully though this won’t be an issue, i really really hope it’s not.

i just hope everything calms back down soon. most of the nasty bits of the appeal has been taken care of, i’ve made sure i still receive benefits while this happens and i’ve confirmed that my therapist’s letter of reconsideration went through and my therapy/medications won’t be effected by this. but this is still probably the least pleasant thing someone of my mental strength can deal with, when the world feels like it’s just caving in on you.

i’m sorry for the sob story guys. hopefully i’ll have strength again soon to be able to post again, but right now that strength is non-existent. until then, it’s been fun interacting with you guys

There’s this new social site called turtleseed and it’s in beta so it’s invite only and I wanted to offer to invite anyone who is interested in joining! I made a “clan” for RPGmaker games (a clan is like a private chat group but anyone is allowed to join it) and to get to it you go to https://www.turtleseed.com/ts/rpgmaker (you have to join the site to see it though)

The site is like a mix between twitter and tumblr and if you google it you can find out more because I’m not really good at explaining, but you make posts and talk to people pretty much.

To join just send me your email in my ask box and I’ll invite you! The email should appear in your inbox within a few minutes. Anyone is welcome to send me their email, I will invite them within a day (I check Tumblr at least once a day)

Since I made a group for RPGmaker I wanted to send this message to the big RPGmaker related blogs so that other fans can join the site and then join the clan! I apologize if this message is annoying and I understand if you choose not to publish it.

Well, just got submitted this (Or it’s been there for a while, I dunno I just got power back after an outage.) Seems like a pretty neat thing to help showcase, dunno anything about Turtleseed but it seems to not be a bad site. And we do have a lot of followers, so perhaps this would interest some.

I probably won’t join, simply cause I’m bad at groups and right now I really do not have the mental health for stuff like this. But here’s to anyone who may be!


※Permission to upload this was given by the artist
祝・日本語版! | べにしろ

※Permission to upload this was given by the artist


Mermaid Rin.

sigh. i know this is basically an annoyance by now how often i make posts like this, but this time it’s so damn serious it’s gotten me so upset, and if this isn’t improved i literally will lose my internet. no maybes, definites.

so i was on ssi due to my mental disorders. i have depression and anxiety so intense it both causes physical reactions in me that would otherwise be caused my ailments, and i can hardly leave my house. i had applied for it again since it was time to renew it or whatever.

but i was denied. so now i gotta try and get an appeal, and hope this time they’ll actually accept what i have as being debilitating. if i don’t, then i’ll be out 600 bucks, which i use absolutely all of on bills and food. if i don’t then if we get paid still during the appeal, we’d have to pay it all back. and i literally cannot do that, this is why it’s got me stressed so badly

so i may very well be gone for who knows how long. if best comes of this, i won’t and i can still post. but right now it’s very uncertain, and seems very unlikely.

I’d post again in who knows how long about the result of the appeal, and whether or not i can keep posting. but for now i’m just extremely stressed and upset.

I’m sorry for being such an unstable admin.


it matches

this is such a silly little thing but IT MATCHES

now it doesn’t and that makes me sad

it matches

this is such a silly little thing but IT MATCHES

mix | 吲袋

※Permission to upload this was given by the artist
マサダ先生 | sachiyo

※Permission to upload this was given by the artist
The Crooked Man | 八百雨

※Permission to upload this was given by the artist

Well that’s unfortunate.

I won’t be giving out names of what has happened so as to not cause harassment to the person who linked, but I thought it would be best if I made my thoughts clear on the matter. Didn’t think something like this would happen.

Once again, this is only my thoughts and not necessarily the thoughts of the other admins.

So apparently a game called Bury has been recently translated by an anonymous person. If you don’t know what Bury is, it’s a game VG Person had asked permission to translate, but was told no because the artist did not want translations of their game. AKA, this anonymous person who has translated it has gone completely and callously against the creator’s wishes.

I was just given a link to the download, with the apparent intent of telling both us admins and for us to publish for people who want to play it. While I certainly can’t stop anyone from playing the game, and I won’t go around belittling people that do decide to play, I am going to withhold posting and playing the game. And for a very simple reason.

The creator clearly stated they did not want translations. They wanted their project to be contained in a way so that they could keep track of their fanbase if the game developed one, and that’s hard to do with languages you don’t understand. Even if this game is as fantastic as VG Person said it is, that gives no excuse to just completely disregard a creator’s words on their own project.

So in other words, no I will not post the link to the game. No I will not encourage other people to play the game when the translation was made completely against the creator’s will. The only way I will personally showcase it is if the creator comes out to say they don’t mind the translation, but given as they denied VG Person the right to translate I highly doubt an anonymous translation made without asking would get approval.

Like I said earlier though, I won’t go after people who do play or share the game. I just wanted to make my thoughts clear on the matter.

Oh yeah, final thing that I didn’t think to write when I made the post.

If there goes a few days where I don’t get a lot of permission to post (As I’m still following our posting order) I’m probably going to set up a queue with Art by OPs in place of new posts. Just so the blog doesn’t go too stagnant.

It’s always nice to just showcase the tumblr artists as well, so hopefully that’s not much of a killer for you guys. Hopefully by tomorrow I’ll get enough permission to get a queue up for Thursday, but if not then I’ll put in an Art by OP to place for the game that’s meant for this go around.

Hey guys, Kaibutsu here. Surprise surprise, gotta another post change message. Though unlike the others, this one’s actually solidly going to be in play, and not just be a worry of not posting like the others have been.

I’m not gonna be posting as much as I usually do. We usually try to set up a queue a day, so that way we stay updated and not seem inactive. But I’m going to be changing my posting to something I frankly should of been doing since day one.

Note that this is only myself who’s decided to do this change of posting, and not necessarily the other admins. Though as of late I’m the most frequent poster, so eh.

I am now only going to post works that I have been granted permission to post. And because it can take quite a bit of time to get permission messages/translations for the messages, that means my update pace is greatly hindered. However I think this is for the best; I’ve always gone on about how it’s important to respect an artist’s work and how it’s handled, and frankly I was being disrespectful for posting without permission.

This also comes with another thing; I am gradually going to be deleting old posts of ours that were not permission granted. I’m going from oldest to newest, so some of the newer stuff I’ve posted without will probably be around until I reach them or if I’ve asked permission to post them. I’m gonna be deleting a few pictures for every few permissions I get, so that way the blog doesn’t suddenly just go empty; but at the end of it I hope that the majority of our posts are lovely little permission granted pics.

This will probably take a VERY long time though, since we have well over 2000 posts, but hey. It’s pretty important, especially since in Pixiv’s guidelines you shouldn’t post an artist’s work without their permission.

In any case, apologies for a much more limbered update pace from me for now on, but if I want to be as respectful as I can then I need to show it. I hope you guys don’t mind too horribly!


For jisonshin, have your white haired anime boy WHO DOESN’T LOOK WHITE-HAIRED ENOUGH BUT I TRIED OKAY;;

This palette was equal proportions absolute HELL and surprisingly neat to work with. I hope it doesn’t look too mustard-y ahaha…