wow i am in and OFF mood

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hey guys, just gonna throw this out here now in case i don’t get better later

woke up really ill today, sore all over and can barely stay awake. i’m feeling a fair bit better than earlier, but i still feel bad as bad can be

so there may be no queue tomorrow, or if there is it’ll probably be completely art by ops. once i’m better though, things’ll go back to normal no doubt

hopefully by tomorrow or later today i’ll feel better bleh

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Follow my ruin | ヒズリン

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窓付き | あやめ

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polkavata asked:
Wait, Garry's non binary? Didn't notice that.

Yup, Kouri stated in a blog post that Garry’s “one that would like the cross the barriers of gender.” Honestly it could mean that Garry could still be binary, and be Genderfluid or Trans instead, but because of how it’s worded I like to think it means that Garry likes to think outside of the established gender ideals; hence, non-binary.

Could be completely wrong, especially cause outside that I don’t think Kouri’s really talked much else about Garry? But in any case, at the very least Garry certainly isn’t Cis. Which is cool, more trans characters to go around!

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recordsofsamael replied to your post: i would say why isn’t there an ib movi…

oh god it would be horrible. They would give him stubble and make him a stupid dude-bro that grunts a lot. Either that or make fun of him because of how he embraces his femininity AND WE CANT HAVE A CHARACTER LIKE THAT IN HOLLYWOOD OH NOE

OH GOD EXACTLY. I would absolutely DIE if they either reduced Garry to some joke, or made them into some boring-ass looking basic dude, with no hint of their femininity or non-binary identity at all AAAAAAAUGH

Like if a movie is made it either needs to be produced by fans or be overlooked by Kouri themself. Just to ensure Garry isn’t ruined by shit like that, and also to make sure that IB STAYS A KID. IF THEY AGED UP IB AND TRIED TO DO ROMANCE I WOULD LITERALLY DESTROY SOMETHING


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i would say why isn’t there an ib movie, but to be frank i don’t trust anyone big in movie production with handling garry

cause you just KNOW they’re gonna mess ‘em up. and you do not mess with the non-binary babe YOU DO NOT

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masterguertena replied to your post: Ao Oni is getting a live action movie …


exactly what i said, before i promptly went “what? really???”

though on that note i can’t wait to see how ridiculous the oni looks IN CGI. it’s bound to be a beautiful i can just feel it in my bone

either that or they actually make some sort of suit for someone to wear, i can’t tell which would be more ridiculous

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[David in Crookedland]

Full pic in »pixiv«

*Please DO NOT repost*

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Horror RPGMaker Game「Ao Oni」to get Live Action film!!



A live action film was announced for the popular horror rpgmaker game Ao Oni, and the film is set to hit cinemas on July 5th

The cast of the upcoming film features AKB48’s Iriyama Anna playing the female lead, as well as Suga Kenta, Jinnai Shou, Seiya, Furuhata Seika, and Ozeki Riku.

Official Site

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Ao Oni is getting a live action movie now?

Is… is the game REALLY that popular to get that??? Holy shit man this game continues to baffle me.

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エレン | idv2607
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