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Found part of Misao.

眠る | summerstary
Marry | Sela


Also he purrs, not meows Zacharie

【Alice】お前の罪の数を数えろ【mare】 | みと
Lie | P-leasure


 3 Perfect (=º,º=)/)

I love these three, the way that each one is is so different one from the other, I imagine it would be like if had a game with three haha!

Miki, David and Rin (c) Uri - ( Paranoiac, The Crooked man, Mermaid Swamp )


It’s also a shirt so buy it if you want

Attention, Ib fans.


Here is a warning I would like to give before you enter weiss-guertena’s blog: he has a tracker on his blog that can record your ip and how long you’ve been on his blog. Also, he has autoplay.

We would like to make this post in order to inform the Ib fandom about Tumblr user weiss-guertena, also known as childrenoftherose (other rp blog), thewoeking (personal blog) and w-guertena (inactive rp blog). If you’ve been visiting the game’s tag lately, I’m sure you’ve seen their (rather irritating) posts. After a three hour investigation on their blogs, with the help of an anonymous friend, and an explanation from one of the people they’ve been harassing (guertena-art-museum), we have discovered that they’ve only recently been trying to cause trouble in the fandom by victimizing themselves and making guertena-art-museum to blame.

This has been going on for about two months. It began when the friendship between weiss-guertena and guertena-art-museum was broken. The reason why it ended was because he (weiss-guertena) was was constantly lying to her (guertena-art-museum).  He probably sought revenge after this, considering his actions.  He was also into lolicon and he has exhibited this in various ways.

One of his actions was spamming revenge porn in the tag in order to spite guertena-art-museum. Here are some of the links I could find leading to traces that he did do it in case you weren’t around at the time like myself.

(There is a gross picture of Ib. Be careful.) N S F W

(Please do not look through here if you are triggered by any kind of child pornography.) N S F W

(This is a smut drabble of Mary he requested. Her exact age in this is unknown and I would like someone who is more fluent in Spanish than me to clarify how old she may be here.) N S F W

Another thing weiss-guertena did was publically lie about guertena-art-museum in the Ib tag. He might have been aiming to turn others against her by making himself the victim and claiming guertena-art-museum to be an alleged pervert. His claims are false, however. If he has persuaded you enough that you are sending hate to guertena-art-museum, stop. Sending hate has never solved anything before, and it still won’t.

Have some links.

(Proof #1 that these posts were indeed in the tag)

(Proof #2 that these posts were indeed in the tag)

(This is a link to guertena-art-museum’s defense on this. Unlike weiss-guertena, she isn’t lying.)

These are the two major things about weiss-guertena that have been causing commotion among a portion of the fandom that obviously concern guertena-art-museum. Below is a link to a photoset of all the screenshots I managed to capture of his overall attitude and opinions.

(Here is a photoset. Feel free to use these images to help report weiss-guertena)

One final thing to add would be his actions from several days ago.  He made a post stating that if artists didn’t want people reposting their art, then they shouldn’t put it on the internet in the first place.  He’s also mentioned that he dislikes the fandom asking for permission to repost art from pixiv.  

This is not only flat-out rude, but it’s disrespectful to the artists.  What’s the point of drawing if you can’t share what you created with everyone?  People like to look at art, so drawing something then not posting it would be pointless.  Artists have EVERY RIGHT to ask others to refrain from reposting their images.  By “stating his opinion”, weiss-guertena has essentially told people that he doesn’t like it when they try to do the right thing; the right thing being asking for permission to repost art.

Here are some screenshots to prove this.






We only ask that all of you block and report this guy for harassment. DO NOT send him hate. DO NOT try to argue with him. Just simply add him to your ignore list and report him for harassment. It would be highly appreciated if you could report him by going to this link or emailing support@tumblr.com (and using the screenshots we’ve provided).

These are other people associated with him that I recommend avoiding: silencieuxrose (his friend) & ludwig-liechtenstein (his girlfriend)

Again, DO NOT HARASS these people or try to confront them. Simply block them.

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Anonymous: good evening!! it's probably a bothersome question at this point of time but is it known any new info on the boogieman and/or pedestal? thank you!!

Not to my knowledge! Perhaps there has been some in Japanese, but I have a feeling if there was any news on it VGPerson would of posted about it already.

Right now doesn’t seem like anything has been told! My guess is one of the games is either gonna come out later this year, or neither is gonna be posted until next year. After all, game development takes time and all!

recordsofsamael replied to your post: I’m very glad about what’s happening i…

what tag?

chie-araler replied to your post: I’m very glad about what’s happening i…

now im curious

Ib (Game). A user that’s known for posting pedophiliac/lolicon posts involving the game (and defending it too hooooly fuck) and has been harassing someone for months finally got their shit called out. On a lesser offense, they’ve recently caused new shit by calling people who ask for artist permission as “just wanting to look good,” and saying artists shouldn’t post their works online if they don’t want reposts (Cause god forbid an artist wanting to show off their talent but not want duplicates of their work, right?)

They’re crying wolf about it though, but god damn there’s so much proof against them that it’s really a lost cause.

I’m very glad about what’s happening in one tag.

Very very glad.


then i decided to make serious the sandman fanart

uhmdrowning in his hot love????


OFF | 鬱田ネル